Siobhan von Fallon


It’s all my family knows, with the exception of my baby sister Nikita. She’s more academic than the rest of us but, we like to think she’s a late bloomer.  My mother is Catalina van Fallon but, most know her as Catalina de la Rentas. She danced for almost 20 years for my grandfather, Adam van Fallon’s dance troupe, Moreau Dance Company in New York. Moreau has been in the family since my father’s side of the family immigrated from the Ukraine. My great-great-whatever-great grandmother started the company before she was married and together she and her husband made it what it is today. Which of course is the third highest sought after dance academy by anyone with the passion…So yeah. Dance is what we do.

I’m Siobahn. I live, eat, and breathe ballet. I’m currently enrolled at BonAire where I’m, what else, a dance major with a concentration in ballet. Ummm…Life’s pretty ordinary. I’ve got parents, a little sister who gets on my nerves sometimes and friends…I can think of a few people who’d ask how anyone could stand me but, they obviously weren’t worthy of my friendship now were they? I’m not going to lie, I don’t pull punches and I say what’s on my mind but, if you ask the right people I am a really sweet girl. I volunteer, I tutor, and I even help out around dad’s studio when I have the time.

Get to know me.
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